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Snow Patrol - Eyes Open Album Review

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Snow Patrol - Eyes Open Album Review

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:43 pm

The most fascinating part about this album is the fact that it’s not cheesy pop. It may seem to be cheesy and slightly clichéd at the beginning but it avoids the obvious hooks. Throughout the entire album it seems to be that Gary Lightbody is out of breath to say everything that he wants to. I think that’s the brilliance of it, this sudden rush of suspense and on going speed. The words seem to be flying alongside the beat of every song.

You’re All I Have wasn’t the best choice for a first single but it did get the audiences attention. In my opinion Chasing Cars would have made a better first impression. Nevertheless it did come out afterwards along with Open your Eyes. The video for this single is very eye catching because it just shows the outside world which the music affects. I loved the fact that the band is not present in it. This sort of technique grabs the audience as well as refers back to the title of the album.

If you want to hear softness listen to Track11- the Finish Line. Gary Lightbody adds a personal touch by saying “I think the finish line is a good place we could start”. The collaboration present in Set the Fire to the Third Bar is incredible. It touches the soul with distinctive lyrics. The beautiful gliding of both voices sets the pace in the middle of the song which I think is radiant. Let me tell you one thing, don’t judge the cover…listen to the song after all that’s what music is about.

The honesty garbs the heart with every line and makes you think about your own life and what you are doing with it. To put Snow Patrol under a particular audience or a music category would simply be wrong because all their music needs is understanding. Many metaphors are used and the words being said can affect anyone in various ways. Open Your Eyes is a metaphor in itself, which can relate to many people depending on how they see it. After all we all open our eyes to a different world each day!

Written By Kate Kayuda for UKEvents.net
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