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Placebo Once More With Feeling - Singles 1996-2004 - REVIEW

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Placebo Once More With Feeling - Singles 1996-2004 - REVIEW

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:28 pm

I was given this CD for Christmas as I really wanted a copy of it after seeing them live at Wembley. So I thought I would write a review on it.

This album contains every rocking Placebo song you could imagine. From Nancy Boy to 36 Degrees to Pure Morning and Twenty Years.

After ten years together, and eight of those spent on the U.K. charts Once More With Feeling really shows the bands greatest moments. It's also a look back on Placebo's efforts to keep up a campy, glam rock-influenced rock sound. The attitude and feeling Placebo inject into their tracks is still apparent to the present day.

For someone who was not really into Placebo or hadnt heard any of their past stuff apart from the obvious chart hitting singles. Seeing them live at Wembley made me wonder what on earth i was missing out on, so I made it a priority to get the Singles album as soon as I could.

With a guest appearance from David Bowie, who is another one of my icons, this album really does have it all and if you have never heard of Placebo then this is the album to get and if you are an avid fan it is just a reminder of how brilliant they really are.

By Amy Mullin - 04/01/05
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