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Album review: Feeder - Pushing The Senses

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Album review: Feeder - Pushing The Senses

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:26 pm

I still remember buying my first Feeder album during a gap in lessons at college. It was Echo Park in April 2001 and I loved every minute of it. So I was excited when the next album Comfort In Sound was relased, especially after the sad events of January 2002. Sadly I didn't like it anywere near as much as Echo Park, and when I bought Feeder's first 2 albums (which are my favourites) it just compounded my dissapoiinted.

Comfort In Sound was a good album full of some good tunes, but there were also a few indie songs in there that just felt out of place. But in comparrison to the previous albums the genre change was certainly a shock. But I've always loved Feeder and always will, so I nabbed this - their 5th official album - on release last week. Was I dissapointed again? Oh God no! Very Happy

Feeder singer/songwriter said Pushing The Senes is Feeder's real 'recovery' song following the events of January 2002 and I can believe him. It's chocca-full of emotional tracks that have some very deep meanings behind them. Gone are the songs about Buck Rogers, replaced with lyrics like:
Turning to face what you've become
Bury the ashes of someone
Broken by the strain
Trying to fill that space inside

This album carries on the indie tradition of the previous album, but the song quality is so good on the whole that it goes beyond genre. There's still a couple of classic all-out moshing Feeder tracks (Pushing THe Senses, Pilgrim Soul) coupled with the more lyrical tracks (Feeling A Moment, Pain On Pain) that create a great blend of styles to suit almost all tastes.

And now the track ratings:
1. Feeling A Moment - Starts the album thunderingly well with a reverberating "whooohooohooo!" chorus that brought back pleasant memories of James. A certainly great homage! 9/10
2. Bitter Glass - Calmness mixed superbly with an excellent guitar chorus over which Grant gives his all with the short lines of lyrics that are full of meaning. 9/10
3. Tumble And Fall - The first single off the album and it's a good 'un. One of Feeder's calmest songs to date, even the heavy guitar chorus feels toned down, but then that's the idea behind the song. Good start to the singles. Smile 8/10
4. Tender - Not my favourite song on the album, but saved by a very good chorus. - 7/10
5. Pushing The Senses - Old school Feeder; the thumping guitar straight from the start, it reminds me of the great style of their classic esterday Went Too Soon album. - 9/10
6. Frequency - A quirky piano start that would make it more likely to appear in a Franz Ferdinand/Killers album soon develops into a slow balad and a good one at that. Smile - 8/10
7. Morning Life - An even quirkier backing tune makes this one feel a bit too pop/Indie for my liking, still a good song for the genres though. - 7/10
8. Pilgrim Soul - My favourite song on the album, reminds me alot of a fast-paced version of their classic So Well track. Combine rhythmic fast lyrics over a steady, basic guitar start with climactic heavy moshing mini chorus sections and you've got a winner! Smile - 9/10*
9. Pain On Pain - It may sound like Grant has stolen a Radiohead tune with it's truly depressing sound, but just like Radiohead, depressing songs can make good songs. This is one of the most emotional songs on the album because of its sad tone and lyrics, but is a great example of how sad can make you glad. Very Happy - 8/10
10. Dove Grey Sands - I had to listen to this one just for the odd title! Smile Goes back more to the style of Comfort In Sound, with an odd backing tune accompanied by calm lyrics and piano. A bit too Indie-pop for me though again. - 7/10
And that's yer lot! Smile

Jonathan Andrew Daniels III - young, free and single. Very Happy
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