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Gorillaz-Demon days abulm review by l[§] l[Abi™]l [l§]l

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Gorillaz-Demon days abulm review by l[§] l[Abi™]l [l§]l

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:23 pm

Gorillaz latest abulm,Demon days.

Furthered songs:
2.Last living souls
3.Kids with guns
4.O green world
5.Dirty harry
6.Feel good inc
7.El Manana
8.Every planet we reach is dead
9.november has come
10.All alone
11.White light
13.Fire coming out of a monkeys head
14.Dont get lost in heaven
15.Demon days

Reasled date:23th May 2005

Gorillaz are a good band with good music like Feel good inc and dare and dont get lost in heaven but this band has more then just band there a gorillaz band! xD Im writing this cause i dont know if pingu need a review on gorillaz or not and plus i want to try do 1 review while im on ukevents.
After doing there tour on habbo hotel (Kids website) around the world and telling lucky people there new ablum
(sorry i couldnt get in so i dont know it yet)
Gorillaz has got a long way since they have written there last abulm "explict lyrics".And no gorillaz are not gorillaz in the wild there a band. There lastest tour is coming to manchester and sales start on the 3rd octber (3 days until my sister come home).
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