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Album review - Blues Jimi Hendrix

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Album review - Blues Jimi Hendrix

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:21 pm

Blues Jimi Hendrix

Like a nice big sandwich with ‘Hear My Train Comin,’ (acoustic) and the same song but an electrified version of it on either side of it, this album acknowledges Hendrix’s great love and boundless admiration for the beauty of the blues. Covering some of the most renown blues songs from, ‘Born under a bad sign,’ by Booker T and William Bell to ‘Catfish blues,’ a Robert Petway classic, Hendrix interprets and executes each song with supreme skill. The version of Muddy Waters’ ‘Mannish Boy’ is something special, it is funky, super cool and will have you humming the catchy hook within minutes. Every track is a supreme invocation of colour, imagination and transcendental beauty that appeals to the blues traditionalist and modern rock connoisseur.

However although Mr. Hendrix draws unprecedented attention, lets not overlook the fantastic drumming and bass playing that acts as a loose framework, encapsulating the roving guitar yet giving it the flexibility to take it’s course and travel freely. Both these auxiliary instruments can be heard and in some ways seen in all their glory in ‘Bleeding Heart,’ where their understated presence has a larger than life influence.

This album portrays the more tamer aspects of Jimi’s musical prowess but my goodness it’s still wild, if you are expecting the calm of an afternoon at St. James’ park feeding the ducks and picking daisies you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are not as many effects and synthesisers used which Jimi was quite partial to, this is blues stripped right down to it’s unashamed underwear devoid of any pretensions and over stuffed ego‘s that tend to permeate in the work’s of others. There is a true humbleness present that manifests itself in the form of self-sacrifice to honour those prodigious blues greats to whom Jimi was so indebted to.

Reviewed by George for UKEvents.net
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