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Album Review: Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds

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Album Review: Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:54 pm

Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds (2006)

Now, this is a band I've only got into recently, and I wish I had've sooner! Their previous album Ocean Avenue was one of the best albums I've listened to in a long while. The title track to the album is a very moving, but very catchy song. When I got their new album - Lights and Sounds - I knew they had a lot to compete against from the last release.

The first track was on the PS2 game, Burnout Revenge. I'd never played that game, so it was all completely new to me, but you may have heard it.

1 - Lights And Sounds - After a few listens, this song really does grow on you. It's a very upbeat song, perfect to moshing to and a great way to open an album. One of my favourite tracks. 9/10

2 - Down On My Head - Not quite as fast and as upbeat as the first song, but it's still a good song with a very catchy chorus. 7/10

3 - Sure Thing Falling - Personally, this is my favourite track on the album. Very catchy, very upbeat, great song. 9.5/10

4 - City Of Devils - This is one of the slower songs on the album, but don't feel let down by that fact. The lyrics are really good and it's got a great beat to it. Very good song. 8/10

5 - Rough Landing, Holly - Starts off really well, but not quite as catchy as the previous few. Still a good song, though, with a catchy chorus. 7/10

6 - Two Weeks From Twenty - Has quite a mellow beat, with good lyrics, but it feels like it's missing something vital to make it a *very* good song. 6/10

7 - Waiting Game - The start to this song is awesome, I love it. All the way through, this song has some very good beats and lyrics to it. One of my favourites. 9/10

8 - Martin Sheen or JFK - Another good start, catchy lyrics and a very catchy chorus. 8/10

9 - Space Travel - Quite a slow start, but a very good, catchy song with a great beat. 7.5/10

10 - Grey - Once again, Yellowcard create yet another good start to a track! It also has the elements of most of the others: very good beats, a great sounding guitar, and a catchy chorus. 8/10

11 - Words, Hands, Hearts - I absolutely love the beat at the start of this song; it's awesome. Good lyrics, good chorus, catchy song. 7/10

12 - How I Go - Slow, moving song, with good lyrics. 6/10

13 - Holly Wood Died - Not a bad track to end an album, but it's not one of the best. It has a good beat, and a catchy chorus, but maybe needs a bit more listening to as it's the last track. 5.5/10

Overall, this is a very good album. I was worried they wouldn't be able to beat their previous, very good album, but that's not the case. This CD is packed full of top-class tunes, and what makes it even better is that they're a mixture of sounds. They're not extremely different, but the mix of slower songs and hard, moshing tracks is always good! Also, the vocals have improved since the last album, which is always good in my opinion.

If you haven't heard Yellowcard, I suggest you go out and buy this album - you will not be disappointed!

By Leanne Halls - 23/02/06

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