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Maroon 5 – It won’t be soon before long Album Review

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:51 pm
by ukevents
I was really impressed by what Maroon 5 have come up with on this album.

Firstly, they’re song writing has improved distinctly and there are some real corkers on this album. ‘Makes me wonder’, their first release off the album really got my foot tapping, the lyrics are fantastic. Also, they now seem to be dipping their toes into a much larger range of genres than in their first album that was pure rocking and guitar riffs. There are some bluesy influences in ‘Makes me wonder’ and some definite R’n’B touches in ‘Kiwi’. The band are still combining their original identity consisting of powerful vocals from Adam Levine mixed up with some great acoustic lines and plenty of rock with a new twist.

Some might say that this album is too poppy from what we’re used to with Maroon 5 but I think they put their own stamp on it and seeing as it’s been five years since their last one, my view is that it’s worth the wait. The only thing I would say is that the musical strength of songs like ‘Makes me Wonder’ and ‘Nothing lasts forever’ is not completely consistent.

The album shows a few blemishes, purely because the strong songs outshine some of the plainer, more forgettable ones like ‘Back at your door’ due to a lack of diversity in the rhythm and sound. But if you can skip over these few weaklings, the album is a good buy and hopefully the next album will completely iron out the creases.

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