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Lily Allen - Alright, Still Album Review

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Lily Allen - Alright, Still Album Review

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:46 pm

Lets be honest Lily probably has the worst dress sense in the world but once you get past the pink eye shadow and trainers worn with dresses, you will notice the interesting new style of her songs. The bluntness in every song is very funny and nice to hear because it’s new and fresh. Smile (Track 1) is the perfect choice because it shows a funny side to revenge after a break- up. It seems to say “move on”, which is a good message to spread. The fact that Lily is very young draws more attention to her starting career.

Have you heard LDN (Track 3) Lily’s second single? If you haven’t you should definitely have a look at the video. I think it reflects a general experience which many people have experienced. You know what I mean one of those days when you are going out to meet your gf/ bf and you get happy over nothing and get overly dressed only to find out that it’s cancelled. That’s a great topic to write a song about because I don’t think anyone has pinned out and made these obvious situations in to a catchy track.

Everything’s Just Wonderful (Track 4) is a general fast paced going song which is really how the entire album goes. If you don’t listen to the words you can dance along to the catchy beat. By the way Alright, Still does have swearing in it, but do you care? I can bet that we all have sweared at on point or other in our lives. If you haven’t, then I apologize you must be a true saint! I think Lily’s target audience would be teenagers as she is one herself. Also the topics that she sings about seem more relevant to teenagers.

Like it or hate it you can’t judge until you listen to the beat swing! Don’t judge the album because of what your friends say, because we all have different tastes. You might love something that you have hated because this album is about every day life situations. It’s a unique approach to what songs can be about, the deeper meaning. I like the fact that Lily doesn’t use metaphors, she just lays down the meaning straight!

Written by Kate Kayuda for UKEvents.net
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