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Lucie Silvas : Breathe In Review

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Lucie Silvas : Breathe In Review

Post by ukevents » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:07 am

Lucie Silvas
Breathe In

A review by Rachael Forsyth

The eternal question has to always be what came first – the chicken or the egg. In Lucie Silvas case it has to be was she a singer or songwriter first. Lucie has had more success before her debut album ‘Breathe In’ was published by writing charts for artists such as Gareth Gates, Liberty X and Rachel Stevens. Her first album unfortunately failed to make an impact on the charts but luckily her song writing skills brought her to the attention of Mercury Records.
All it takes is a quick look at a few of her penned songs, such as ‘Breathe In’ and ‘What Your Made Of’, to see her range as a songwriter and this album clearly demonstrates her ability as a singer. Her rich, almost soulful voice, which has seen her compared to Delta Goodrem, floats over beautifully orchestrated tracks, which boast a wide variety of styles on this a relatively small album, especially the gospel mix used in ‘The Longer We’re Apart’. Her adaptability as a vocalist is also illustrated by a beautiful cover of the Metallica track ‘Nothing Else Matters’. Lucie has a voice that doesn’t pierce the tracks and stand out as clearly as some other singers. Her rich timbre is never lost in the heavier tracks and her vocal presence adds to the ambiance throughout.
This album falls comfortably into the female singer-songwriter category, which like for other artists who fall into this category, is harder to classify as other than that. The deep meaning in the songs may be a put off for some but the simple orchestration in tracks such as ‘No Defence’ is well worth checking out and the tracks don’t age if you hear them again.
True the female singer-songwriter idiom may not be for everyone, but this album brings together some well-written pieces of music and is well worth checking out.
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